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About Us

Family Galore is a one of a kind brand that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of home décor, home apparel, and outdoors products.

Family has always been very important to us. They take care of you unconditionally with care that rivals no other. Yet, many times we take family for granted. At "Family Galore" we want our products to act as a reminder to love & appreciate those you consider family.


If you have any worries or doubts about online shopping don't worry! It is completely normal to have second thoughts on where to place your trust when you are shopping online. Here are some points that will hopefully help relieve any doubts you may have:

  1. We have shipped over 30,000 units since being in business, we truly appreciate the support of our community.

  2. 30-day money back guarantee: If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, we will happily process your full refund with no questions asked.

  3. Safe and secure checkout: We use fully protected SSL security to keep your details safe. Vital information such as credit card number will not be available to us. Once your purchase is made, we will only see your billing/shipping information, and the item(s) ordered!

  4. We are donating a portion of all profits to World Vision, a charitable organization who's vision we greatly support. You can know that you will also be supporting this organization that has positively impacted the lives of over 200 million children when you shop with us!


Our specialty is in our SolarPal™️ solar charger series, preserved flowers, and original canvas art.

Since 2018 we've formed an ongoing partnership with a top solar panel factory to design the products we had in mind. After several trials the SolarPal™️ series came to life! We're excited to continue launching new solar powered products for our community, stay tuned.

We also have a team of artists that we work with closely to develop original art pieces that are perfect to hang up in your home. New designs will be coming out soon!

We have been manufacturing and designing preserved flowers for more than 12 years. Our main line is the "Para Ella" series, which we have recently brought to the online market. Para Ella features beautiful Ecuadorian roses of different sizes and colors. 

The image below shows the preservation process of our eternal flower line.




All substances used in the preservation process of flowers are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic. The solutions and colorants are the same as those used in food, and textile manufacturing, therefore, they do not represent any health or environmental risk.